Brant's Tips

Buses cost $12 mxn (NO American coins) per person / 1 way. You get a ticket, but it doesn't mean anything. There are 4 buses R-1, R-2, R-15 & R 27. If you are traveling within the hotel zone then it really does not matter what bus you take (Wet'n Wild is the exception. It is in the hotel zone but only half the buses go there so ask before you get on). R-2 & R-15 go to Wal-mart & Mercado 28. R-1 you ask! Well, it now goes almost everywhere. You have to read the front right window of the bus as it lists where it ends up. R-1's will go to Puerto Juarez, Wal-mart, Plaza 2000, Mercado 23, the bus station & places I have never been. The R 27 turns left on Tulum Ave & goes to Plaza Las Americas (the local's mall).
Last man standing does not win anything. It means you will be flying soon. If you are the last person to pay the driver then before you can think about where you want to sit he will be going 78 miles per hour.
Telling the bus driver where to get off is a good start but not always will it work. Most do not speak English well enough to understand you. Have an idea of where you are going before you get on. Look for landmarks.
They will not stop to let you off unless you ask them to. Don't assume they stop at all the stops.
To flag a bus down you need to wave one of your body parts.
Cheapest tour in Cancun so enjoy it.
Get on in the front and off from the back door whenever possible.
Don't bring drinks on the bus as they will most likely end up on someone else.
When getting off NO ONE moves for you so if the bus is packed, put your head down and push.
All stores, restaurants will take US dollars and travelers checks. Odds are however that the exchange will be in their favor. It is best to exchange your money first in either the bank (best options), exchange places (casa de cambio) or in the hotel (check the rate as most do not give you a good rate). NO ONE takes US coins, bills that are ripped, written on, taped up or glued back together. Helpful money converter HERE.
Avg monthly salary $350-500 usd a month.
Commission rules ALL tourist destinations so look out for the hidden agenda.
It is not a vacation if you don't leave.
Timeshare is a way of life here.
Street sales guys always have an angle.
Yearly a new record is set here for tourism and it is impossible for the area to keep up with the growth so at times when things are slow going, relax and enjoy.
It 'mostly' rains in the middle of the night.
Go out and explore the local restaurants, shops and areas as there is much more to see then just the hotel.
Mañana only arrives on the day you are leaving.
English is not the first language in Mexico so it might appear everyone is understanding you however, you will find it is not so.
Don't drink the water even if the hotel has a purified water systern, it tastes funny. Mexican bottled water is 1/3 the price.
Avoid people on the street say " YO VIVO A KEY" means, I live here.
Set taxi fares before getting in. If you have a problem, take his number off the car & report it to your hotel.
Use environmentally friendly sunscreen when in national water parks.
Hard Rock Cafe is not downtown. Go explore. Prices are better downtown.
DON'T let people change your mind about a restaurant. 'Oh that restaurant is closed' or 'My uncle owns a better one.' My favorite is 'Are you sure you want to eat there?' Every restaurant pays a commission to taxis, travel agents reps, bellboys, front desk clerks, maids, salesclerks, iguanas, sharks, monkeys etc. The commission could be as high as 15% of your bill and of course that fee is added to the menu price. 97% of restaurants pay.
Most people speak 'JOB English' meaning they get by when you ask them questions that they answer daily. Speak slowly & clearly. Don't use uncommon words. Don't expect everyone to understand your accent.
Ocean temperature year round is 80F so, jump in.
Crossing the street is not a right; it's a challenge. YOU DO NOT have the right of way even in a cross walk or at a red light. Be on the defensive. Taxi & bus drivers do not have any education and think that the road holds 3 things; 1) Their vehicle, 2) Their garbage & 3) Their right of way. So RUN when crossing the street.
Use sunscreen even on an overcast day.
If you where 2 hours from the pyramids in Egypt would you go? If yes, go to Chichen-Itza.
Ice is safe in the drinks. All restaurants wash the vegetables in purified water. Even the taco guy on my corner.
Always carry change! 5, 10, 20 pesos. Amazing how many stores don't have change and it will be your fault.
ATM machines, credit card slips are in pesos so DON'T PANIC when you see all those zeros.
Watch out for hot salsa! It's the next day that bites. Well, bites...
How to speak better Spanish? Drink more tequila!
Best thing to do? Get up at 6:30 am & walk on the beach. THE BEST!
If someone says 'I understand', they don't. It is that simple.
Tip your maid daily; a buck or 2.
Exchange your dollars in exchanges houses, maybe your hotel or banks. You will get a better rate than the stores & restaurants. The best rate in the hotel zone is the Bancrecer bank in Plaza Flamingo.
Plan to eat out, go to clubs or do any tours.
Phoning home: Dial 001 - area code - #. Buy Ladatel phone cards (50 cents a minute). The phones are everywhere and the cards are sold in most stores & money exchanges. DO NOT call collect. Minimum charge is $40! You will find these phones in 50% of the hotel rooms, lobbies and on the street.
Timeshare...EVERY information booth on the street is timeshare. EVERYONE saying they are not timeshare are indeed timeshare. In general, almost everyone on the street is timeshare related.
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