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Cannot find my Hotel/House/Condo/Villa/Airb&b.
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  • 100% Private transfers.
  • Non-stop direct transfers.
  • Airport greeters. English speaker drivers.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Vehicles can hold max 10 people regardless of age.
  • Prices per VEHICLE, not per person.
  • AC vehicles, fully insured and authorized by the Cancun Airport Authorities.
  • Gratuities at your discretion.
  • Airport fees and parking included.
  • Federal taxes not included in the price(16%).

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Payment Options


Transfers Questions

Tour Questions


What type of services do you offer?

  • Transfers between airport & hotels (Houses, AirB&B/Condos/Villas).
  • Hotel to hotel or point to point services. Private and public tour/excursions.
  • We also offer ferry tickets to Isla Mujeres, sun bio-products & more to come!

Are USA Transfers and Entertainment Plus related?

Same company, same owner. Family growing! Cancun Golf Events also belongs to the family, and more to come!

For how long have you been operating?

We have been in business since 1999. Celebrating now our 20th anniversary!

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Reservation & cancellation policies.


  • All prices are in US Dollars.
  • Private, non-stop, a/c transfer with an English speaking driver.
  • Some tours/transfers/products require deposit or full payment at time of booking. Debit and credit cards are accepted using the online secure payment system, in most cases.
  • We will provide a written confirmation voucher with balance due, via email, for each portion of your services.
  • On Transfers/Tours any extra stop must be scheduled prior to the service date with an additional cost. Extra stops must be specified on your voucher.
  • We offer front facing car seats for children up to 40lb at no charge. We do not guarantee them, however we accomplish it 99% of the time.
  • We strongly suggest downloading the USA Transfers APP to be able to call us for free, consult your bookings and track our staff (Uber style).
  • Federal Transportation law & insurance requires the number of people in the vehicle cannot exceed the amount listed on your voucher. We reserve the right to deny extra passengers.

Changes & cancellations:

  • Transfer services must be canceled or changed, before 6pm the day prior, in order to receive a full refund of any deposit/full payment you may have made.
  • Tour services must be canceled or changed. before 2pm the day prior, in order to receive a full refund of any deposit/full payment you may have made.
  • Cancellations can be made by e-mail, live-chat or WhatsApp, 48 hrs. before the service date. 24 hours before or less, call us!
  • Last minute changes, you are required to call our customer service agents.
  • You must personally speak with our customer service staff. Do not have the hotel travel agent or concierge call. We all speak English.
  • We will provide you with a cancellation number. Please write it down and guard it until you have received your refund.
  • In most cases a refund will be issued within 72 hours.
  • Contact our customer service if any changes are needed. All contact details are on your confirmation vouchers. Once fixed, a new voucher will be issued via email.
  • We do track arrival flights. However, any flight changes must be reported to our customer service office immediately.
  • Reviewing the data in your confirmation vouchers is your responsibility. Read your vouchers carefully.
  • Changes or cancelations due to causes beyond your control will be evaluated by our customer service department. We are very flexible when it comes to flights.
  • Transfer Guarantee for delayed arrival flights maximum waiting time is 4 hours. We assist our customers in every possible way to make new arrangements. We reserve the right on arrival service to deny changes between 9pm & 5am.
  • Transfer Guarantee waiting time for departures/hotel to hotel services will be 15 minutes, before we call it a no-show.
  • Private transfers allow you to change the return pickup time for your convenience. However, changing it with a very tight margin to make your flight, will be under your own responsibility.


  • All personal belongings, luggage, fragile or valuable goods (such as electronic devices, wallet, purses, jewelry, travel documents, medication) are the client’s responsibility. Make sure you have all your items when entering or leaving the vehicle.
  • Vehicles are smoke free.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to take passengers insulting any staff member, showing abusive behavior or under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pets can travel in a kennel, service dogs exempt.
  • USA Transfers will endeavor to take safely and in a timely manner every passenger to their destination. However, there are circumstances out of our control that may cause delays; accidents along the highway, severe weather conditions, vehicle breakdown, airport-parking delays, where we cannot be held responsible. We will handle every case in the most professional way possible to avoid any losses or extra cost.
  • Our vehicles are insured. Any accident when a passenger is inside our vehicles, must be reported and follow the insurance company policies. If leaving the scene or not following the insurance company’s instructions, will automatically release us from any liability.


Contact Methods

Our ofiice in Mexico
USA number
Canadian number
+52 (998) 914 0290
(209) 382 7587
(587) 600 7587

*Phone lines operating 24hrs. Limited English from 12am-5am ONLY!

Email us at: Or Chat live with us: Click to Chat


Let's paper-free. No need to print out your vouchers, simply download the USA Transfers Client App to consult your bookings, track-live out staff, and call us FREE!

Do you work with travel agents?

Certainly! We have an affiliate program, contact us for details.

Do you handle groups?

Yes, we do! We handle transfers, private and public tours for Groups. Contact our customer service agents for details.


How do I pay?

Some tours/transfers/products require a deposit or full payment at the time of booking. There are instructions when you book and on your confirmation vouchers. If you have any doubts, consult with our Customer Service agents.

What currency do you take?

We accept US dollars, Mexican pesos and Canadian currency.
Mexican pesos at the exchange-rate on the day of the service. Check the exchange rate with our customer service agents. We also accept Canadian dollars IF the airline landing in Cancun is a Canadian one, such as West Jet, Air Canada, InterJet Air Transat, Sunwing, Swoop. Any direct Canadian flight from Canada to Cancun.

If canceling when do I get my refund?

In most cases, a refund will be issued within 72 hours, if paid online. Credit card charges taken in Mexico might take 10-20 business days.


How do I book?

You can book online on our website or use any of our Contact Methods for our assistance in the booking. We can always assist you with the booking process. Simply contact us on live chat, email, WhatsApp or call us!

Do your drivers speak English?

Yes! Drivers speak English. Staff attending customers is bilingual.

Do you offer shared airport transfers?

Airport transfers only private.

How will I receive my confirmation vouchers?

By email, you will first receive a “pending” voucher, with all the data you supplied. Within a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email for each booked service.

What if I need assistance?

Reach immediately any of our Customer service agents. Here are our Contact Methods
Customer Service hours from 05:00 am until 00:00 Midnight. Don’t worry, we also have staff available (limited English) from Midnight until 5:00 am.

Do you supply car seats?

There are no regulations in Mexico about the use of car seats, but each person in the vehicle must have a seat belt available. We can request car seats at no charge to you. They are the baby-style, rated up to 40 lbs. front-facing.
Because of flight delays, traffic, and other delays out of our control, we cannot guarantee the car seats, but we can fill requests 98% of the time. We do not have the booster-style seats.

Do you offer beverages onboard?

Most drivers have a cooler in the vehicle with drinks for sale (beer, soda, water), not all drivers. If not, the driver can make a ‘quick stop’ at a convenience store along the way, so you can purchase your favorite drinks.

What is the max capacity of your vehicles?

For airport transfers 10 people + one regular size luggage + one carry-on per person.

What are your office hours?

We operate 365/7/24.
Customer Service hours from 05:00 am until 00:00 Midnight. Don’t worry, we also have staff available (limited English) from Midnight until 5:00 am.
Consult our Contact Methods if any assistance

Traveling with scooters/ wheelchairs?

Regular size foldable equipment will fit. If not fold up, contact us with the dimensions.
Wheelchairs/Scooters that fold up usually fit in the van. However, we need to advise you that our 10 passenger vans have the rear seat removed for luggage space, but "cramped" or "enough space" are very difficult to determine since each group is different. All the vans only hold 'so much' luggage.

Are there any discounts or coupons available?

We offer the best prices in the area. We do have coupons for some tours, golf. Contact our agents for assistance.

Do I need to call to reconfirm my services?

No need to call to reconfirm. Once you have received your confirmation vouchers, you are all set. However, if there are any flight changes or cancellations, you must contact us.

How do I find the staff?

Every confirmation voucher has instructions on how to find our USA Transfers staff. Remember they are wearing a white shirt with the logo of USA Transfers. We strongly suggest downloading our USA Transfers App to locate our staff (Uber type). Call us free if you don’t see the staff. Don’t accept help from strangers. We are always there!
Here are the links where you can download the USA Transfers App

How reliable is your company?

We have been successfully in business for over 20 years! We can say many good things about ourselves, but let’s hear what other customers have to say about us. Feel free to consult some travel forums, such as, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google, and you will soon find out how reliable we are!

Can I smoke inside the vehicle?

NO, all our vehicles are non-smoking.

Can I bring my pet in the vehicle?

Pets can travel in a kennel, service dogs exempt.

Is it safe to travel to Cancun/Riviera Maya area?

The Cancun area will receive nearly 37 million guests this year and statistics tell us 99.999% will return home safely. The government, tourist industry and our company take your security very seriously. Events in every city remind us all of the new times we live in, and we quickly get every morbid detail from all over the world. However, the fact remains we travel…we vacation…and for the most part we never experience anything. No matter where you travel be aware of your surroundings, stick to the well-travelled paths and enjoy what the world has to offer. Our company has installed cameras to video the road in front. All vehicles have GPS tracking. We have a client app where our customers can track their vehicle, contact us without trying to figure out how to dial in Mexico. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day. We are reviewing everything we do to help ensure that while you are with us you are as safe and comfortable as possible.


Tips are completely up to you, but our staff knows they must earn them, much like waiters. Your greeter must be easily visible & waiting for you at the airport to deliver you promptly to your vehicle. Your driver must be on-time, polite, helpful and a good driver. Our staff depends heavily on tips. You can tip whatever you want to whomever you want. By the end of the service, you will have a better idea of what it was worth to you.

Do I have to print out my vouchers?

No. Remember: Your order and/or confirmation number identifies you to us. We are paper-free! We suggest downloading the USA Transfers App. Consult your bookings, call us free and locate our airport staff (GPS Uber type).

Do vehicles have WIFI?

Not at this time, but we are working on it.

Do vehicles have GPS?

Yes, all our vehicles have GPS & front-facing cameras to continually ensure the quality of our drivers.


Are your services private?

Airport transfers are ALWAYS private. We also offer Private Tours.

Do you have all the necessary permits and insurance?

Yes, we have all required Airport and Federal permits, as well as the correct and proper insurance.

What if my flight changes or gets canceled?

You MUST notify us immediately, by any of our Contact Methods available to you

Can I make an extra stop?

Yes, in most cases. Extra stops require an extra charge. Consult with your customer service agent. It must be reserved & listed on your confirmed voucher.

Can I add more people last minute?

Yes, you can by notifying us before you arrive. Federal transportation law & insurance requires the number of people in the vehicle cannot exceed the amount listed on your voucher. We reserve the right to deny extra passengers.

Does my baby count as a passenger?

When airport transfers, Yes! Every individual is counted, no matter the age, as per Federal Transportation regulation & Insurance.

Where should I wait for my driver for my departure pickup?

In the lobby of your location, by the doors/bellboy desk

Luggage and capacity of vehicles?

Airport transfers are a maximum of 10 people with one regular size luggage + one carry-on per person.

Do my golf clubs fit in the vehicle?

Well, depending on the number of people in the vehicle. If airport transfers with luggage and golf clubs over 8 people, most probably 2 vehicles will be required. Consult with our customer service agents.

Are your vehicles handicap friendly?

Our vehicle doors are wide & our drivers very helpful. We do not have any mechanical lifts. We have successfully serviced many handicapped passengers.


Where do I meet my tour driver?

Private tours: In the lobby of your location, by the main doors/bellboy desk. Private Catamaran doesn’t include transfers, book them with your agent. Public tours: In your lobby or where specifically stated on your confirmed voucher. Some public tours do not provide transport & others might use a nearby location. We can also supply transfer prices. Buses & local taxis are also available.

Will I have a certified guide inside the ruins?

Private: We do not include a guide in any of our private tours to the Mayan ruins. We have discovered that many people do not want a guide. If you desire a guide we have a driver who is a certified guide, he can be requested. His guide fee is paid directly to him. Public: Most tours will include a guide for the whole bus.

Can I find tours even cheaper in Cancun?

Not often, unless you take a timeshare presentation or maybe a company is offering a special on a certain tour. You have an advantage… book your tours on-line with us (for private only a deposit, balance is due the day of the tour). If you find a better deal for your money simply call to cancel the day before the tour. Any deposit will be refunded.

What other advantages do I get booking through you?

I will save you on average about 30% off the retail price of the tours. If you find that I do not save you money, then call to cancel. We have the most flexible cancellation policy in the world (yes the world). Compare ours with anyone else’s policy.

Who do you recommend for the tours you do not sell?

The safest bet would be your local travel rep or the hotel travel agent. We do not have any confidence in receiving anything from the timeshare guys on the street or at the airport.

What do you recommend we do?

We are asked this a lot but it really depends on you. What type of activities you’d prefer to do? We would suggest visiting one of the wonders of the world, Chichen-Itza, it’s a long drive, but we think it is a must-see. If you are adventurous, check out the ATV-Cenote tour, Xplor or Ziplines. There is a lot to see at Xcaret, the night show is fantastic. Xel-ha is a great option too, lots of fish if you love swimming, lots to eat and drink, don’t miss the 80m high scenic tower- breathtaking! Tulum is a beautiful set of ruins, especially if you are not interested in a full day of seeing ruins. We can always customize any tour option. Check out the full list of tours we offer.

Will you contact us?

No, unless important. Once you have received your confirmation vouchers via email you are all set! IF any flight changes or cancelations we expect you to reach us. We will call you IF any incorrect flight input, if our staff cannot find you, if our driver is behind for any reason, if the logistic of a service change last minute. Other than that, we leave you alone to enjoy your vacation.

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